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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 15/15

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 15/15.

Added or updated @Brackets extensions in the week from 03/29/2015 to 04/05/2015.

Last week there were 8 new Extensions and 3 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What’s going on?

I’m late, late, late and still catching up with the previous weeks. Too much things going on at the same time. :-)

Have a great week!

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As usual, you can download the latest Brackets release. Please let us know what you think.

Top 11 Extension Downloads of last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Rank # Name Downloads Previous Week
1 Brackets Git 5224
2 Beautify 4647 #3 ⇑
3 Emmet 4281 #2 ⇓
4 Indent Guides 3981
5 Code Folding 3802 #4 ⇓
6 Documents Toolbar 3346
7 Minimap 2917
8 Extensions Rating 2700 #9 ⇑
9 HTML Templates 1886
10 Brackets Snippets (by edc) 1673
11 More HTML5 Code Hints 1622

Top 11 Theme Downloads of last week

Find an overview of themes that moved up and down the list.

Rank # Name Downloads Previous Week
1 Stripper 1811
2 Monokai Dark Soda 1450 #1 ⇓
3 Neon 1396 #7 ⇑
4 Flatlandish 1161 #8 ⇑
5 Dracula 802
6 Monokai 785
7 Visual Studio Dark 662
8 Tomorrow Night Eighties 541
9 Obsidian 2.0 500 #5 ⇓
10 Sob Theme 469
11 xcode theme (yosemite) Light 467

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Working Files 0.0.1 Reposition working files panel in Brackets
Favourite Files 0.0.1 Add files to your favourite list and access them across all projects.
Unity 1.0.0 Brackets theme
Handlebars/HTMLBars Syntax Highlighter 1.2.0 Add syntax highlighting support for the handlebars/htmlbars template language.
RecognEyes 0.1.0 Brackets port of Eclipse’s RecognEyes theme
Whitespace My Way 0.0.1 Out of all the whitespace normalizers I couldn’t find one that fitted my needs so I made my own.
CloseAllOpenFiles 1.1.5 close all opened files on project close
Base 16 - Ocean Dark 1.0.0 A brackets theme based on base-16 ocean dark with a couple little tweaks

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
JSDownloader 3.2.0 Creates a simple way to download JavaScript libraries to your projects.
HTML Skeleton 1.4.2 Easily insert a variety of HTML elements into your document.
omnisharp-brackets 0.3.2 C# IDE plugin for OmniSharp is a family of Open Source projects, each with one goal - To enable great .NET development in YOUR editor of choice. IMPORTANT: You must run the install script in the extension directory for the plugin to work.This is because of a limitation on the size of the extensions size