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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 15/10

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 15/10.

Added or updated @Brackets extensions in the week from 02/23/2015 to 03/01/2015.

Last week there were 7 new Extensions and 15 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What’s going on?

I’m a bit late this time. Too much things going on at the same time. :-)
We are in the final stages before the Brackets 1.3 release. Some final touches and some polish before we can call it ready. So plase stay tuned and get slowly into excitement about the new release. As usual, we’d like to hear your feedback.

Have a great week!

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As usual, you can download the latest Brackets release. Please let us know what you think.

Top 11 Extension Downloads of last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Rank # Name Downloads Previous Week
1 Brackets Git 5606
2 Beautify 4743 #3 ⇑
3 Emmet 4399 #4 ⇑
4 Code Folding 3987 #2 ⇓
5 Minimap 3680 #10 ⇑
6 Tabs - Custom Working 2782
7 HTML Templates 2717 #5 ⇓
8 Documents Toolbar 2656 #6 ⇓
9 FuncDocr 1983
10 Extensions Rating 1924 #11 ⇓
11 Brackets Outline List 1629 #8 ⇓

Top 11 Theme Downloads of last week

Find an overview of themes that moved up and down the list.

Rank # Name Downloads Previous Week
1 Stripper 2302 #2 ⇑
2 Monokai Dark Soda 1595 #1 ⇓
3 Obsidian 2.0 804
4 Monokai 792 #6 ⇑
5 Visual Studio Dark 732 #4 ⇓
6 Pixelarium Dark Theme 710
7 xcode theme (yosemite) Light 536 #5 ⇓
8 Blumberry Theme 514 #3 ⇓
9 Dracula 461
10 Brackets Nodejs Theme 371 #7 ⇓
11 Blackboard 294 #9 ⇓

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Fira in Brackets 1.0.0 A simple extension that changes the Brackets UI fonts to Fira Mono and Fira Sans.
No Fade in Split View 0.0.1 Disable fading of inactive window in split view.
C++/Objective-C Pack 1.0.0 Enhancements for Brackets when working with C, C++, Objective-C or Objective-C++ — Objective-C/C++ syntax highlighting, Ctrl-T (Quick Find Definition) for navigating a file, Ctrl-J (Jump to Definition) on #include jumps to included file, Ctrl-Shift-J anywhere toggles between header and main src file.
DS Tools 0.0.4 DS Specific tools for brackets
Dracula 1.0.0 Improved Dracula theme
Quick Insert 1.0.0 One key shortcut to insert text/tag/url
Geeko Water 0.1.0 Tema basado en la guía de estilo de Peter Gabriel’s Debut Album en TheDaysColor, con un toque Geeko.

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Indent Guides 1.3.3 Show indent guides in the code editor.
Column Ruler 2.3.9 An adjustable column ruler for Brackets.
Lines of Code Counter for JavaScript 1.2.0 Counts the number of JavaScript files, lines, and lines of code (“SLOC” - excluding whitespace/comments) in your project. Supports exclusions. To get started, choose “View > Count Lines of Code”.
Lint ALL the Things 1.1.1 Lint everything in your project in one batch! Optionally filter out certain files or folders, and see all the rest in a consolidated report. To get started, choose “View > Lint Whole Project”.
VisibleTabs 0.0.3 Make tabs visible in CodeMirror
Extensions Toolbar Reposition 0.2.9 Move extension toolbar to bottom to enlarge editor window. Hide and manage extension icons.
Go-IDE 0.0.10 Go language IDE transformation for brackets (needs gocode)
Projects 0.1.6 Open your projects from handy modal dialog. Really helpful if you have a lot of projects.
Zurb Foundation 5 Basic Template 1.0.2 Adds Zurb Foundation 5 basic template to your page. Go to menu and select File -> New Zurb Foundation 5 Document.
Tabs - Custom Working 4.0.1 Adds toolbar it include buttons show/hide with tabs of active documents on the top of the editor.
Ionic Framework Code Hinting 0.3.0 Code hinting for the Ionic Framework
ToggleCase 0.1.2 Toggle the case of the current word
Stripper 0.1.0 A brackets theme focused on readabiity.
OnsenUI Framework Code Hinting 0.3.0 Code hinting for the OnsenUI Framework
Dramatic Error Highliting 1.0.0 Overrides theme error highliting for optimal visibility of errors.