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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 14/51

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 14/51.

Added or updated @Brackets extensions in the week from 12/08/2014 to 12/15/2014.

This week there were 4 new Extensions and 16 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What’s going on

We are close to the end of 2014. Only 2 weeks left and it was an exciting year. Brackets gained a lot of traction and sparked interest in a lot of directions. Brackets grew a lot in the past 12 months. We have a big community behind brackets, a lot of active contributor and people like you, who contribute to Brackets with a bug report, a theme or with a great extension that fills a gap. Thank you!. Brackets is successful, because of your continued contributions and support. Let’s keep this going in 2015.

The Brackets team is finalising the 1.1 Release. It will be available mid of this week. So keep an eye on your update notification icon.
This will be the last release for 2014. The team will take a break from an event packed year. Some of us might be available during the christmas break, but expect lower traffic on commits and less reviewed pull request until next year.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the 1.1 release of Brackets this week. If you can’t wait until then, you can still download the latest Brackets release and let us know what you think.
Have a great week!

Top 11 Extension Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Brackets Git 7364
Emmet 3127 #3 ⇑
Beautify 3085 #2 ⇓
JSHint 3067
Autoprefixer 3031 #11 ⇑
Brackets Outline List 2254 #4 ⇓
Code Folding 2103 #6 ⇓
Brackets Snippets (by zaggino) 2005
Brackets Icons 1612 #7 ⇓
Indent Guides 1535 #5 ⇓
PHP Syntax Hint 1506 #9 ⇓

Top 11 Theme Downloads from last week

Find an overview of themes that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Black Mint Theme 991
Flattark Dark 899
Chrome 774
Fox - Dark 549 #6 ⇑
DarkSoda 522
Ruby Blue 510 #4 ⇓
Github Theme 509
Dream PHP 478
Dreamweaver Theme 472 #7 ⇓
Monokai 442
Monokai Dark Soda 426 #8 ⇓

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Enable Editor’s DOM Inspection 0.0.1 Enable or Disable the ability to inspect the Editor’s DOM in Chrome Developer Tools
OSX Scrollbar 0.0.1 Make the scrollbar look like OSx Native
Github Theme 0.0.1 Light Github-like theme
Dream PHP 1.0.0 A dream theme that simulates PHP coloring scheme of Dreamweaver

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
JSHint 2.2.8 Adds JSHint support to Brackets.
Autoprefixer 0.5.17 Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes automatically.
Install from Bower 0.1.5 Quickly install front-end packages from Bower. Hit Ctrl/Cmd-Alt-B, then start typing the name of a package. Once you see the package you want, hit Enter and the package will be installed into your project folder. NOTE: To install some packages, you must have git installed.
Node.js bindings 1.3.1 Execute node scripts and common npm commands inside Brackets.
Puppet-Syntax 0.1.5 Syntax highlighting for Puppet manifests.
BracketstoIX 2.7.0 Lorem ipsum, Break Line, Recent Files.Change(Case, Quote, Slash, Tab, Encoding), Sort, (Un)Tag, Clipboard, Internet, (traceur, sass, compass), Text Replace, Extrators, JSLint Global, JsDoc. Text Transforms(Reverse, UpperCase, LowerCase, Capitalize, CamelCase, HtmlEncode, HtmlDecode, UrlEncode, Join, Split, Number, Trim Leading, Trim Trailing, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Remove Duplicates, Remove Empty Lines, Unix To Win, Win To Unix, Single Quote To Double, Double To Single Quote, Toggle Quote, Single Slash To Double, Double To Single Slash, rgb-hex, Markdown Trim Trailing, Function JSDoc, Tag, Untag, Numbering).Clipboard(Copy Filename, Copy Fullname, Regnize, ExtratortoIX, Html Report).ReplacetoIX(Replace including Words only, Selection only, Multiline, Regnize, History).Internet Search(Open Url, Web Search, Browse File).Compiler(scss, js6 [ECMAScript 6], compass)
MDN Doc 0.3.0 Brackets Extension for consult the documentation in the Mozilla Developer Network
AEM Brackets Extension 0.0.12 The AEM Brackets Extension provides a smooth and easy development workflow for front-end developers to edit AEM components. Its main features are: automatic synchronisation of changed project files to your AEM instance; manual importing of content from the AEM instance to the project; Sightly syntax-highlighting and auto-completion; easy editing of associated client libraries (CSS, JavaScript).
LESS StyleSheets Formatter (nm|tU) 1.2.1 This formats LESS stylesheets to the format dictated by the Web Team Leader at nm|tU - a balance between a condensed format and readability
FuncDocr 0.7.0 Generates JSDoc,PHPDoc annotations for your functions.
SQF Syntax for brackets 1.0.0 Provides SQF syntax highlight via a CodeMirror mode for Brackets. SQF is used by Bohemia as their scripting language
BluePrint Beta 0.9.1 Code minimap and hierarchic outline viewer for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and python.
Brackets Diagnostic Report 0.0.3 Collect diagnostic information about Brackets and installed Extensions
Hi-DPI 0.0.2 Support Hi DPI resolutions on linux
Closure Linter 0.3.1 Lint javascript files according to the Google style guide and automatically fix linting errors.
Brackets Snippets (by zaggino) 0.3.1 Snippets extension for Brackets