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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 14/48

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 14/48.

Added or updated @Brackets in the week from 11/17/2014 to 11/24/2014.

This week there were 5 new Extensions and 25 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What’s going on?

As I mentioned last week, there is something wrong with the download data for Brackets File Tree! It looks like there is some spamming going on. Now I need to take a look at the log files on the server. Perhaps I can get an idea where this huge number is coming from.

I’m not quite done yet with the changes to the tweet bot. It’s work in progress and I hope to get it finished by the end of this week.

This week you will see the 11 most downloaded extensions of all times.

So, stay tuned, get the latest Brackets build and let us know what you think.

Top 11 Extension Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Brackets File Tree 153163 #1 ⇔
Code Folding 5752 #5 ⇑
Beautify 4583 #3 ⇔
Brackets Css Color Preview 3716 #6 ⇑
Emmet 3564 #4 ⇓
Brackets Git 2714 #2 ⇓
Autoprefixer 2576
Brackets SASS 2283
QuickDocsPHP 2240
Response for Brackets 1974
PHP Syntax Hint 1838 #10 ⇓

Top 11 Theme Downloads from last week

Find an overview of themes that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Flattark Dark 1744 #4 ⇑
DarkSoda 1278
Ruby Blue 883
Quick Dark 778 #2 ⇓
Earth 774
Happy-Like 701
Nature 623
Flat Theme 609 #1 ⇓
LightSoda 552
Monokai Dark Soda 539 #5 ⇓
Monokai 507 #11 ⇔

Top 11 Downloads of all time

I have excluded Brackets File Tree from the ranking, because I have doubts to believe that this huge number (404563) is for real.

Name Downloads
Code Folding 147332
Beautify 146238
Themes for Brackets 145547
Emmet 126357
Brackets Git 121589
Themes 79954
Autoprefixer 67073
JSHint 65024
W3CValidation 50963
QuickDocsPHP 47296
Brackets Icons 46207

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Brackets Ubuntu 0.9.1 This extension makes Brackets more Ubuntu friendly. Based on Bolder Menu Fonts by Mark Simulacrum
Svg Font 0.1.0 Display Svg Fonts
LightTable 1.0.0 Cool and pleasant colors, based on LightTable default theme.
Response for Brackets - original 0.0.1 Original Responsive design tool for Brackets from Lee Brimelow
Swig syntax highlighter 0.0.1 Enables Swig (Django-like Express templating engine) highlighting in Brackets.

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Ternific 0.6.1 JavaScript hinting and refactoring powered by Tern
KnockoutJS for Brackets 0.0.5 Adding knockout quickedits, links and codehints to brackets. (Ideas are welcome!)
Node.js bindings 1.3.0 Execute node scripts and common npm commands inside Brackets.
QuickDocsPHP 1.4.5 Inline short documentation for PHP functions, including a summary, syntax, return values and parameters.
Brackets SASS 1.0.2-77 Compiles SASS .sass/.scss files when changed. Updates styles during Live Preview. Experimental support for Quick Edit.
Autosave on View Change 1.0.1 Autosave current file when changing files or on window blur.
PHP Syntax Hint 1.1.2 PHP Syntax Hint is a plugin for Brackets, which will help you alot in writing php SYNTAX, MYSQL Queries as this will auto suggest Syntax while coding, within Brackets software. The best part of it is that if you want to write some words again and again, just go to Help > Show Extensions Folder. Once folder opens up, open folder user > brackets-php-syntax-hint. There you will get php-syntax.txt, open that file and go on adding syntax and words you require and reload Brackets to enjoy writing codes(words you have added). They will appear in the dropdown as HINT, press ENTER and that is done.
Earth 0.2.2 The Earth Dark Theme for Brackets!
JSCompiler2 (Beta) 1.9.2 Compress your JavaScript code from multiple files into one minified file (Powered by UglifyJS2).
Brackets File Icons 1.1.1 File icons in Brackets’ file tree.
LightSoda 0.1.2 The LightSoda light theme for Brackets!
DarkSoda 0.1.2 The DarkSoda is a Theme for Brackets!
EditorConfig 0.0.3 Supporting EditorConfig features
Nature 0.1.3 The Nature a Dark Theme for Brackets!
Brackets Wordpress Hint 1.0.5 Brackets Wordpress Hint - plugin for Brackets, which will help you in writing Wordpress Themes/Plugins
Response for Brackets 0.0.6 Responsive design tool for Brackets
BluePrint Beta 0.9.0 Code minimap and hierarchic outline viewer for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and python.
Brackets ESLint 0.2.0 Integration of ESLint into Brackets
NexusFramework 0.0.2 Adds NexusFramework support and functionality to Brackets.
Brackets Css Color Preview 0.0.6 preview the colors within css file
Quick MDN Doc 0.0.4 This is a brackets extension, for helping searches from developers. Is a shortcut to MDN(Mozilla Developer Network), best location to search.
Omnisharp 0.0.2 Get some help when developing your C# apps
Angular Snippets 0.1.2 A collection of AngularJS snippets for Brackets.
Casperjs Code Hinter 0.0.3 Code hinter for casperjs.
Strict JavaScript 1.0.1 Adds the ‘use strict’ statement to the current JavaScript/untitled file on command/save.