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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 14/47

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 14/47.

Added or updated @Brackets in the week from 11/10/2014 to 11/17/2014.

This week there were 8 new Extensions and 26 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What’s going on?

To be honest: I’m sceptical about the download numbers for Brackets File Tree! I don’t know why they have been so high. All the other numbers are in, what I consider a normal range, but Brackets File Tree is somehow way too high.
So, I’m carefully watching the download data for this extension, to figure out if there is any spamming or spoofing going on.

During the next week I’m going to deploy a change to the tweet bot. The change will add a link to a screenshot for a theme (if there is a picture reference in package.json). Let’s see how this works out.
Another change will be a new section with the 11 most downloaded Extension of all time.

So, stay tuned, get the latest Brackets build and let us know what you think.

Top 11 Extension Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Brackets File Tree 216522 #5 ⇑
Brackets Git 7198 #2 ⇔
Beautify 6844 #1 ⇓
Emmet 4054 #3 ⇓
Code Folding 3772 #4 ⇓
Brackets Css Color Preview 2764
HTML Wrapper 2623 #9 ⇑
HTML Templates 2429
SFtpUpload 2408
PHP Syntax Hint 1786 #7 ⇓
QuickDocsJS 1782

Top 11 Theme Downloads from last week

Find an overview of themes that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Flat Theme 1512
Quick Dark 1346 #1 ⇓
Rhode Island Red 1109 #10 ⇑
Flattark Dark 980
Monokai Dark Soda 820 #7 ⇑
Liquid 792 #3 ⇓
Ant Theme 787 #2 ⇓
Specials Menu 749
Icecream Theme 748
Quick Light 696 #4 ⇓
Monokai 599 #6 ⇓

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Flat Theme 1.0.0 As Flat as it gets!
Specials Menu 1.0.0 The ‘Specials Menu’ theme included with Coda 2, now available for Brackets.
Window Title Tweak 1.0.0 Modifies window title to contain project name.
Open Terminal Here 0.0.2 This is a brackets extension, for helping developers. Is a shortcut to open a terminal window with selected folder in osx
Overscroll 1.0.0 Allow the user to scroll below the document.
Hide Project files panel 1.0.0 Allow the user to hide Project file.
Doxygen 1.0.0 This extension offers to programmers an easy way to include doxygen comments in their codes.
Happy-Like 0.0.1 A bright and happy theme for people who enjoy code.

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
SVG Preview 1.2.0 Live preview SVG files in an inline panel while you edit them. Click in SVG to select corresponding code.
Creative Cloud Extension Builder 1.0.1 Create HTML extensions for Creative Cloud Applications
Brackets New Project Creator 0.4.93 Create New Projects without leaving Brackets.
Code Folding 0.2.24 Brackets extension that provides simple code folding for files edited in brackets. Supports brace folding, tag folding, indent folding and multi-line comment folding
Brackets Git 0.13.39 Integration of Git into Brackets
JSONLint Extension for Brackets 0.1.3 JSONLint Extension for Brackets
HTML Templates 1.2.3 Inserts HTML from a pre-made list of templates.
Brackets cut line 0.2.0 Cut or copy whole line when selection is empty
JSCS 0.1.7 Adds JSCS support to Brackets. JSCS is a code style checker. JSCS can check cases, which are not implemeted in JSHint, but it does not duplicate JSHint functionality, so you should use JSCS and JSHint together.
Brackets Vim 0.3.0 Enable some vim keybindings and commands.
SFtpUpload 1.2.43 Upload changed files in your project to a server via SFTP(SCP)/FTP, you have total control over which to upload through the changed files panel. Contributors: danielkratz, mhentgesarrow
AEM Sightly Brackets Extension 0.0.10 Sightly is the new HTML templating system introduced with Adobe Experience Manager 6.0. The AEM Sightly Brackets Extension provides a smoother development workflow for writing AEM components, adding support for syntax-highlighting, code-completion, bi-directional synchronisation and more.
Extract Refactoring 1.4.0 Provides extract to variable and extract to method functionality for Brackets via an extension.
Brackets File Tree 1.1.1 Visual display of the tree of files and folders.
JSHint Configurator 1.1.0 Enables configuration of JSHint options. Reads from current document’s inline configuration directive or from ‘.jshintrc’ configuration file. Extract JSHint options to JSON format.
JSXHint 0.0.3 Adds JSXHint support to Brackets. It’s a wrapper around JSHint for linting React JSX files. 100% compatible with existing tools using JSHint.
Projects 0.1.5 Open your projects from handy modal dialog. Really helpful if you have a lot of projects.
Rhode Island Red 1.0.4 Silky, dark, maroon based theme to give your code a touch of class
Brackets-gulp 0.1.1 Adds Gulp.js support to Brackets.
Ionic Framework Manager 1.1.0 To create Ionic project with ionic livepreview, compile to phonegapbuild (base from idea asi-ionic extension).
HTML Wrapper 0.2.2 Format <ul>, <ol>, <nav>, <select> and <tr> children tags with a single command.
ViewCalc 0.1.0 Viewport (vh/vw) calculator
Brackets Task List 0.1.2 Brackets extension that gives you a simple task list in the editor
ContextMenu Toggle Comment 1.0.0 Adds the menu item into the context menu of the editor to toggle a comment.
Brackets Editor Bookmarks 0.9.31 Bookmark lines in the editor as you work so you can quickly jump back to them later. Open the “Bookmarks” Panel to see all of the bookmarks and open them in the editor.
Gengivized 1.0.1 Gengivized Theme for Brackets