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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 14/42

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 14/42.

Added or updated @Brackets in the week from 10/06/2014 to 10/13/2014.

This week there were 6 new Extension and 37 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What’s going on?

I’m sorry for the delay. This was a busy week and the team is still busy preparing the 1.0 Release of Brackets.
There is still some work required (features and bug fixes) for the 1.0 Release.
If you are able to help testing the 1.0 Release, then you will have the opportunity to get an early release of the 1.0 build next Thursday. The build will be announced in the google groups. Until then, I have some updates from the extension universe.

Top 11 Extension Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Code Folding 5883
W3CValidation 3410 #4 ⇑
Brackets Git 3230
QuickDocsJS 2704 #9 ⇑
Emmet 2550 #3 ⇓
Brackets Color Picker 2549
Response for Brackets 2085 #8 ⇑
Beautify 2071 #5 ⇓
Brackets Icons 1996 #2 ⇓
Documents Toolbar 1952
Brackets Color Palette 1661

Top 11 Theme Downloads from last week

Find an overview of themes that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Mystique 1397 #8 ⇑
Quick Dark 1061
Ruby Blue 958
Quick Light 693
Obsidian 672 #1 ⇓
MBO Theme 592
DarkSoda 583 #3 ⇓
Monokai Dark Soda 504 #7 ⇓
Monokai 471
Rhode Island Red 460
Midnight Pumpkin 434

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Occurrences Marker 1.0.0 Marks all occurrences of a selected text or the word under the cursor with a small delay so that it does not interfere with edit. Configurable through the Edit menu.
iPlastic 1.0.0 iPlastic by Jeroen van der Ham, converted from TextMate theme (iPlastic.tmTheme)
Midnight Pumpkin 1.0.0 Dark theme. Black, white, orange and yellow. A Brackets original.
brackets-gulp 0.1.0 Adds Gulp.js support to Brackets.
Django syntax highlighter 0.0.1 Enables Django highlighting in Brackets.
Tornado syntax highlighter 0.0.1 Enables Tornado highlighting in Brackets (please read the README)

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Markdown Preview 1.0.8 Live preview of markdown documents
Column Ruler 2.3.5 An adjustable column ruler for Brackets.
CanIUse 2.0.9 Adds a panel that renders data.
W3CValidation 2.1.6 Adds W3C validation support to Brackets.
Brackets Key Remapper 0.2.4 Allow users to change keyboard shortcuts, edit shortcuts via Debug->Open Preference File
Todo 0.8.0 Display all TODO comments in current document or project.
Interactive Linter 0.6.0 Interactive Linter brings realtime JSHint/JSLint/CoffeeLint reports into Brackets as you work on your code
Ternific 0.6.0 JavaScript hinting and refactoring powered by Tern
Code Folding 0.2.22 Brackets extension that provides simple code folding for files edited in brackets. Supports brace folding, tag folding, indent folding and multi-line comment folding
Display Shortcuts 1.2.1 Display current shortcuts in a bottom panel that can be sorted and filtered.
LESS AutoCompile 1.1.2 Automatically compiles less files upon saving.
HTMLEscaper 1.0.2 Adds a panel that shows an escaped version of the HTML.
brackets-latex 0.2.1 Brackets extension that provides support for writing and compiling latex documents
Font Viewer 0.4.0 Open font files in Brackets and see an editable sample of the font.
Jade (Official Plugin) 2.0.0 Add first class support for jade (including syntax highlighting). This module is maintained by the maintainer of jade.
JSLint Configurator 1.1.8 Enables configuration of JSLint options. Extract JSLint options to JSON.
Brackets Darker 3.1.1 Darker interface & editor themes
Brackets Color Palette 2.0.0 Pick colors directly from images (.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, *.ico)
JavaScript Globals 3.0.0 Highlight global variables in JavaScript code.
BracketstoIX 2.2.0 2.1[Recent Files],2.0[Lorem ipsum, Break Line].Change(Case, Quote, Slash, Tab, Encoding), Sort, (Un)Tag, Clipboard, Internet, (traceur, sass, compass), Text Replace, Extrators, JSLint Global, JsDoc.
  • Check out the web site for a usage demo
  • Text Transforms(Reverse, UpperCase, LowerCase, Capitalize, CamelCase, HtmlEncode, HtmlDecode, UrlEncode, Join, Split, Number, Reverse, Trim Leading, Trim Trailing, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Remove Duplicates, Remove Empty Lines, Unix To Win, Win To Unix, Single Quote To Double, Double To Single Quote, Toggle Quote, Single Slash To Double, Double To Single Slash, rgb-hex, Markdown Trim Trailing, Function JSDoc, Tag, Untag, Numbering)
  • Clipboard(Copy Filename, Copy Fullname, Regnize, ExtratortoIX, Html Report)
  • ReplacetoIX(Replace including Words only, Selection only, Multiline, Regnize, History)
  • Internet Search(Open Url, Web Search, Browse File)
  • Compiler(scss, js6 [ECMAScript 6], compass)
Ruby Blue 1.2.5 Ruby Blue is a dark, high contrast theme, that is easy to read.
Mystique 0.1.7 A soft, dark theme that makes code look good.
MBO Theme 1.3.3 MBO Theme taken from, based of of the MBO theme by mbonaci on github, and modified for brackets built in theme Support.
Brackets File Tree 1.0.7 Visual display of the tree of files and folders.
Brackets Backup 1.0.4 File Backup Extension for Brackets. This extension will create a backup copy (.bak) of the active file in its current directory.
Console Plus 1.4.1 Shows console.logs &.errors without leaving Brackets. + Toolbar Icon & Notifier, Filters by logs/errors, Errors stacks details and…. a very nice look + Update: log window object error
Brackets Wordpress Hint 1.0.2 Brackets Wordpress Hint - plugin for Brackets, which will help you in writing Wordpress Themes/Plugins
Brackets Color Picker 0.1.3 This extension activates color picker for brackets, when you type ‘color:’ in brackets color picker will be appeared in editor.
ClipBox (Clipboard History) 0.2.1 It’s a clipboard with history, Allows you to access recently copied texts and paste them back to the editor.
JSHint Configurator 1.0.2 Enables configuration of JSHint options. Extract JSHint options to JSON.
SQF Syntax for brackets 0.0.9 Provides SQF syntax highlight via a CodeMirror mode for Brackets. SQF is used by Bohemia as their scripting language
AsciiDoc Preview 1.0.9 Live preview for AsciiDoc documents.
Projects 0.1.3 Window that helps to switch between Projects, add favorites. Really helpful if you have a lot of Projects.
Brackets JS Concat 0.1.0 Concatenates a list of files into one big file
Brackets ESLint 0.0.2 Integration of ESLint into Brackets
Extension Highlighter 1.2.1 File extension colours in Brackets’ file tree.
Zen Pane 0.0.2 Reduce the opacity of the non-focused pane to reduce distractions