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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 14/41

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 14/41.

Added or updated @Brackets in the week from 09/29/2014 to 10/06/2014.

This week there were 5 new Extension and 12 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What’s going on?

The Brackets team was busy last week putting Release 0.44 out into the wild. You can download the latest release from ( Read more about this release here. As usual, we are happy to hear your feedback.
The Brackets team is now working on Release 0.45, which will be our 1.0 version! We are excited about this Release. We are scrubbing and polishing Brackets to deliver an awesome Release by the end of this month. So stay tuned and enjoy Release 0.44 in the meantime.

Top 11 Extension Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Code Folding 4513 #6 ⇑
Brackets Icons 2610 #5 ⇑
Emmet 2127 #1 ⇓
W3CValidation 2072
Beautify 1732 #4 ⇓
Bootstrap 3 Skeleton 1491
QuickDocsPHP 1485
Response for Brackets 1435 #7 ⇓
QuickDocsJS 1408
Themes for Brackets 1242 #3 ⇓
PHP Syntax Hint 1028 #9 ⇓

Top 11 Theme Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Obsidian 1107
Quick Dark 746
DarkSoda 611 #1 ⇓
Quick Light 519
Son of Obsidian 372
Wombatish 370
Monokai Dark Soda 370 #7 ⇔
Mystique 335 #4 ⇓
Monokai 331
LightSoda 321 #6 ⇓
Java Light 320 #11 ⇔

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Son of Obsidian 1.0.0 Customised Son of Obsidian Theme
bluePrint Beta 0.1.0 hierarchic outline viewer for JavaScript and CSS
Wombatish 1.0.0 This theme is based on Wombatish for Sublime text, which is based on Wombat
Brackets Diagnostic Report 0.0.1 Collect diagnostic information about Brackets and installed Extensions
Inline Gradient Editor 1.0.0 Edit CSS linear gradients visually inline - just use Quick Edit (Ctrl-E).

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Theseus for Brackets 0.4.16 Real-time & retroactive debugging for JavaScript in Chrome and Node.js
JSDownloader 3.0.17 Creates a simple way to download JavaScript libraries to your projects.
Brackets cut line 0.1.6 Cut or copy whole line when selection is empty
Bootstrap 3 Skeleton 0.1.0 Add Bootstrap 3 HTML5 Skeleton to your page by going File > New Bootstrap 3 Document.
Brackets Icons 1.1.9 File icons in Brackets’ file tree.
HTML Special Chars 1.1.1 After writing a word it converts in in HTML code. Or just select the specified text and press Strg-Alt-H and it’ll be converted.
SFtpUpload 1.2.3 Upload changed files in your project to a server via SFTP(SCP)/FTP, you have total control over which to upload through the changed files panel. Contributor: danielkratz
Brackets Build System 1.0.2 Allows to execute commands via keyboard shortcuts & menu items - similar to sublime text’s build system. Made possible thanks to Anton Ivanov the creator of Command Line Shortcuts Extension.
Quick Dark 1.0.10 A dark theme (based on Easy Dark) that makes your code pretty and readable.
Quick Light 1.0.8 A light theme that makes your code pretty and readable.
Obsidian 1.1.1 Slightly customised Obsidian Theme - Based on Obsidian for Komodo by Gizmoh
FixMyJS 0.0.3 Automagically fix JSHint lint warnings