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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 14/38

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 14/38.

Added or updated @Brackets in the week from 09/08/2014 to 09/15/2014.

This week there were 13 new Extension and 26 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

The Brackets team and all it’s contributors are working on the next Release 0.44. There will be some great improvements to the Filetree and Splitview will be available to everyone. We are excited about the great new features and improvements in the next Release.

If you don’t have the latest Brackets Release, get it from Let the team know what you think.

Here are the numbers for last week.

Top 11 Extension Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Code Folding 3392 #2
W3CValidation 2728 #8
Emmet 2533 #6
HTMLHint 2411 N/A
Themes for Brackets 2227 #10
[PHP-SIG] PHP SmartHints 2208 #11
HTML Templates 1995 N/A
Beautify 1787 N/A
Themes 1658 N/A
QuickFormTool 1644 N/A
Documents Toolbar 1620 #11

Top 11 Theme Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Monokai Dark Soda 1012 #1
Lapland 983 N/A
Son of Monokai 947 N/A
Quick Dark 699 #2
Quick Light 546 #4
Monokai 515 #6
Obsidian 502 N/A
Earth 407 #11
Jellybeans 388 #5
Mystique 379 #3
solarized-dark 377 N/A

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Lapland 1.0.0 Dark theme, nice colors. That’s it.
Brackets Wordpress Hint 1.0.0 Brackets Wordpress Hint - plugin for Brackets, which will help you in writing Wordpress Themes/Plugins
Wordpress Generate Salts 0.1.0 Automagically generate salts for a new Wordpress install
Coffeelinter 0.1.0 Makes CoffeeLint the Brackets linter for CoffeeScript files. Very simple.
Recent projects 0.1.0 Allows you to see and select recently opened projects from File menu without using ‘Open Folder…’ option
Brackets Color Picker 0.1.0 This extension activates color picker for brackets, when you type ‘color:’ in brackets color picker will be appeared in editor.
Errors Explorer 0.1.0 Notify you when error happens inside of IDE without Development Tools open. Useful for Brackets Extensions Authors!
CDN Finder 0.1.0 Search for javascript libraries, jQuery plugins, fonts, CSS frameworks and anything else you might need. You can submit own library.
Obsidian 1.0.0 Slightly customised Obsidian Theme - Based on Obsidian for Komodo by Gizmoh
solarized-light 1.0.0 Solarized Light theme as described by
solarized-dark 1.0.0 Solarized Dark theme as described by
ClipBox (Clipboard History) 0.1.0 It’s a clipboard with history, Allow you to access recently copied texts and paste them back to your editor.
Brackets Extension - UTF8 converter 0.1.1 Allows you to convert single files or whole folders (and sufolders) to UTF8. HOW-TO available on GitHub. This project is a fork of Az-Encode, written by Jimmy Brian Anamaria Torres.

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
W3CValidation 2.1.3 Adds W3C validation support to Brackets.
Various improvements 2.2.1 Add more informations in the status bar, lowercase and uppercase converter, super clipboard, button close all folders in file tree, files search
Themes 2.0.2 CodeMirror and custom themes in Brackets
LESS AutoCompile 1.1.1 Automatically compiles less files upon saving.
QuickFormTool 2.4.0 Insert form elements quickly
HTMLHint 1.1.2 Adds HTMLHint support to Brackets.
HTML Templates 1.2.2 Inserts HTML from a pre-made list of templates.
HTML Skeleton 1.3.0 Insert a variety of HTML elements into your document with ease. Now compatible with Split View!
JSLint Configurator 1.1.7 Enables configuration of JSLint options. Extract JSLint options to JSON.
Brackets Darker 3.1.0 Darker interface & editor themes
Robot framework plain text editing mode 1.0.0 Editing mode for Robotframework pipe-delimited plain text files, providing syntax highlighting, code folding, auto-completion (requires robotframework-hub - and more.
Brackets navigation history 0.1.2 Remember last 100 cursor locations
AsciiDoc Preview 1.0.8 Live preview for AsciiDoc documents.
Extension Highlighter 1.1.14 File extension colours in Brackets’ file tree.
BracketstoIX 2.0.0 2.0[Lorem ipsum, Break Line].Change(Case, Quote, Slash, Tab, Encoding), Sort, (Un)Tag, Clipboard, Internet, (traceur, sass, compass), Text Replace, Extrators, JSLint Global, JsDoc.
  • Check out the web site for a usage demo
  • Text Transforms(Reverse, UpperCase, LowerCase, Capitalize, CamelCase, HtmlEncode, HtmlDecode, UrlEncode, Join, Split, Number, Reverse, Trim Leading, Trim Trailing, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Remove Duplicates, Remove Empty Lines, Unix To Win, Win To Unix, Single Quote To Double, Double To Single Quote, Toggle Quote, Single Slash To Double, Double To Single Slash, rgb-hex, Markdown Trim Trailing, Function JSDoc, Tag, Untag, Numbering)
  • Clipboard(Copy Filename, Copy Fullname, Regnize, ExtratortoIX, Html Report)
  • ReplacetoIX(Replace including Words only, Selection only, Multiline, Regnize, History)
  • Internet Search(Open Url, Web Search, Browse File)
  • Compiler(scss, js6 [ECMAScript 6], compass)
Earth 0.2.1 The Earth Dark Theme for Brackets!
Extensions Rating 0.5.4 Shows extension’s downloads count(daily, overall, average and per version) and GitHub stats(stars and forks). Find most usable and popular extensions for Brackets via badges system! Sort extensions and find themes!
Notes 1.0.4 Easily add and manage notes.
PHP Code Quality Tools 0.1.6 Analyze and lint PHP using several code analysis tools. Please note that this extension needs PHP to be installed on your machine to work properly.
[PHP-SIG] PHP SmartHints 1.1.3 Provides code hints for PHP files including PHP keywords, built-in functions, constants and variables. Also provides hinting for variables in the current open PHP document.
Custom CSS injector 0.1.7 Customize Brackets IDE with own CSS rules. Inject your own styles inside of Brackets with Livereload. Useful for theme creation.
FuncDocr 0.5.1 Generates JSDoc,PHPDoc annotations for your functions.
Http Server for Brackets 1.0.1 Starts an http server on port 8989 at the project root and launches the selected file
Draggable modals 0.1.1 Modal windows in Brackets now can be dragged with mouse across the screen.
JSHint Configurator 1.0.1 Enables configuration of JSHint options. Extract JSHint options to JSON.
AngularJS Code Hints 0.0.2 Extend Brackets HTML code hints and collif’s Brackets-HTML5CodeHints with AngularJS elements like ng-include, ng-view and attributes such as ng-class, ng-controller, ng-app