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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 14/37

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 14/37.

Added or updated @Brackets in the week from 09/01/2014 to 09/08/2014.

This week there were 11 new Extension and 39 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What an exciting week. The Brackets team has released a Brackets Release 0.43. This new version has some great new and improved features

  • SCSS/LESS Support - Quick Edit, Quick Find Definition & Live Preview Highlight now support SCSS & LESS – the same as they do for plain CSS.
  • Improved Dark Mode - More parts of the Brackets UI become dark when a dark theme is selected.
  • Find/Replace: Show Match Index - The Find/Replace bar shows the index of the current match, e.g. “7 of 32”.
  • Themes Tab in Extension Manager - Themes are listed in a separate tab so they’re easier to find. The Extensions tab filters out themes.
  • Save Language Mode Changes - Permanently change the language for all files with the same extension by choosing “Set as Default” from the status bar language switcher.
  • Live Preview - Reliability improvements and support for .xhtml files.
  • Ukrainian Translation - Brackets has a new, community-contributed Ukrainian translation.

Download the latest release from and let the team know what you think.

But here are the numbers for last week.

Top 11 Extension Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Documents Toolbar 3033 #6
Code Folding 2990 #1
More CSS Code Hints 2374 N/A
Todo 2352 N/A
PHP Syntax Hint 2341 #10
Emmet 2321 #2
Autoprefixer 2198 N/A
W3CValidation 2171 N/A
Brackets Git 2079 #7
Themes for Brackets 2059 #3
[PHP-SIG] PHP SmartHints 1803 #11

Top 11 Theme Downloads from last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Name Downloads Previous Week
Monokai Dark Soda 1605 N/A
Quick Dark 1160 #3
Mystique 889 #2
Quick Light 871 #5
Jellybeans 795 #6
Monokai 786 #1
Nature 724 N/A
Material Brackets 693 N/A
Mushin Dark 637 N/A
80’s Baby 530 N/A
Earth 464 #10

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Mushin Dark 1.0.0 Mushin Dark Theme for Brackets. A Brackets original.
Mushin Light 1.0.0 Mushin Light Theme for Brackets. A Brackets original.
Http Server for Brackets 0.1.0 Starts an http server on port 8989 at the project root and launches the selected file
Material Brackets 0.0.1 A light theme inspired by Google’s Material Design
Brackets Improvements 1.0.0 Simple extension that extends brackets and adds some useful functionalities.
Lapland 1.0.0 Dark theme, nice colors. That’s it.
Wordpress Functions Hint 1.0.0 WP Functions Hint - plugin for Brackets, which will help you in writing Wordpress Themes/Plugins
Brackets Wordpress Hint 1.0.0 Brackets Wordpress Hint - plugin for Brackets, which will help you in writing Wordpress Themes/Plugins
Wordpress Generate Salts 0.1.0 Automagically generate salts for a new Wordpress install
Coffeelinter 0.1.0 Makes CoffeeLint the Brackets linter for CoffeeScript files. Very simple.
Recent projects 0.1.0 Allows you to see and select recently opened projects from File menu without using ‘Open Folder…’ option

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Column Ruler 2.3.2 An adjustable column ruler for Brackets.
W3CValidation 2.1.2 Adds W3C validation support to Brackets.
Brackets New Project Creator 0.4.8 Create New Projects without leaving Brackets.
Various improvements 2.2.1 Add more informations in the status bar, lowercase and uppercase converter, super clipboard, button close all folders in file tree, files search
Todo 0.7.1 Display all TODO comments in current document or project.
Themes for Brackets 2.0.5 The popular extension now works as a theme-pack that styles the whole editor!
Ternific 0.5.3 JavaScript hinting and refactoring powered by Tern
Code Folding 0.2.20 Brackets extension that provides simple code folding for files edited in brackets. Supports brace folding, tag folding, indent folding and multi-line comment folding
Special Html Characters 1.1.1 The Inline editing context menu will get an additional option to bring up a menu of common Special HTML characters to insert of the cursors position (e.g. Copyright, Trademark, Non-breaking space).
Autoprefixer 0.5.11 Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes automatically.
QuickFormTool 2.1.1 Insert form elements quickly
Puppet-Syntax 0.1.4 Syntax highlighting for Puppet manifests.
JSLint Configurator 1.1.6 Enables configuration of JSLint options. Extract JSLint options to JSON.
QuickDocsJS 1.4.6 Inline short documentation for JavaScript functions, including a summary,syntax and parameters.
CSS Shapes Editor for Brackets 1.1.0 Adds an interactive editor for CSS Shapes values in Live Preview mode.
More CSS Code Hints 1.0.0 Extends CSS code hints with more attributes; background-blend-mode, image-rendering, touch-action and more
PHP Syntax Hint 1.0.5 PHP Syntax Hint is a plugin for Brackets, which will help you alot in writing php SYNTAX, MYSQL Queries as this will auto suggest Syntax while coding, within Brackets software. The best part of it is that if you want to write some words again and again, just go to Help > Show Extensions Folder. Once folder opens up, open folder user > brackets-php-syntax-hint. There you will get php-syntax.txt, open that file and go on adding syntax and words you require and reload Brackets to enjoy writing codes(words you have added). They will appear in the dropdown as HINT, press ENTER and that is done.
File System Properties 1.0.1 Allows viewing of file or folder properties (such as file size, etc) and setting of permissions for items in the Project tree. This extension is NLS-enabled and translation PRs are welcome!
Extensions Rating 0.5.3 Shows extension’s downloads count(daily, overall, average and per version) and GitHub stats(stars and forks). Find most usable and popular extensions for Brackets via badges system! Sort extensions and find themes!
Brackets Build System 1.0.1 Allows to execute commands via keyboard shortcuts & menu items - similar to sublime text’s build system. Made possible thanks to Anton Ivanov the creator of Command Line Shortcuts Extension.
Notes 1.0.2 Easily add and manage notes.
AEM Sightly Brackets Extension 0.0.6 Sightly is the new HTML templating system introduced with Adobe Experience Manager 6.0. The AEM Sightly Brackets Extension provides a smoother development workflow for writing AEM components, adding support for syntax-highlighting, code-completion, bi-directional synchronisation and more.
80’s Baby 1.0.2 80’s Baby Theme for Brackets. Inspired by Silkie’s 80’s Baby. A Brackets original.
Monokai Dark Soda 1.0.2 This dark theme is based on the monokai dark soda color scheme from Sublime Text.
Quick Dark 1.0.9 A dark theme (based on Easy Dark) that makes your code pretty and readable.
Quick Light 1.0.7 A light theme that makes your code pretty and readable.
Pixlr 0.1.3 Powerful image editor inside Brackets IDE. Flash player required.
[PHP-SIG] PHP SmartHints 1.1.1 Provides code hints for PHP files including PHP keywords, built-in functions, constants and variables. Also provides hinting for variables in the current open PHP document.
Custom CSS injector 0.1.7 Customize Brackets IDE with own CSS rules. Inject your own styles inside of Brackets with Livereload. Useful for theme creation.
Documents Toolbar 0.4.3 Adds toolbar with tabs of open documents on the top of the editor. Now with drag and drop!
Jellybeans 0.0.4 Jellybeans theme for Brackets
Code commenting 1.2.2 Code commenting with custom text
FuncDocr 0.4.2 Generates JSDoc,PHPDoc annotations for your functions.
Nature 0.1.1 The Nature a Dark Theme for Brackets!
Console Plus 1.3.6 Shows console.logs &.errors without leaving Brackets. + Toolbar Icon & Notifier, Filters by logs/errors, Errors stacks details and…. a very nice look + Update: log window object error
JSLint 1.1.0 Adds JSLint reporting to Brackets.
Draggable modals 0.1.1 Modal windows in Brackets now can be dragged with mouse across the screen.
Nav Shortcuts 1.0.1 VIM style cursor movement
Son of Monokai 0.1.1 This dark theme is based on the Steffen Bruchmann’s monokai color scheme from Sublime Text