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Weekly Brackets Extension Update - 15/19

Welcome to This Week’s Brackets Extension Updates, Issue 15/19.

Added or updated @Brackets extensions in the week from 04/27/2015 to 05/04/2015.

Last week there were 4 new Extensions and 8 updates. This includes themes and other extensions.

What’s going on?

I’m late, late, late and still catching up with the previous weeks. Too much things going on at the same time. New projects and maintenance of old projects :-)

Have a great week!

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Top 11 Extension Downloads of last week

Find an overview of extensions that moved up and down the list.

Rank # Name Downloads Previous Week
1 Brackets Icons 6002 #8 ⇑
2 Emmet 5689
3 Beautify 3934
4 Brackets File Format 2920
5 Brackets Git 2865
6 W3CValidation 2676 #4 ⇓
7 Themes for Brackets 2117
8 Brackets WordPress Functions Hints 2009
9 Brackets Font 1697 #7 ⇓
10 Brackets Additional Right Click Menu 1537
11 Extensions Rating 1329 #6 ⇓

Top 11 Theme Downloads of last week

Find an overview of themes that moved up and down the list.

Rank # Name Downloads Previous Week
1 Quick Dark 2402
2 DarkSoda 1687 #4 ⇑
3 Quick Light 1037
4 Monokai Dark Soda 1019 #2 ⇓
5 Earth 906
6 Flat Attack Dark 844 #1 ⇓
7 LightSoda 685
8 Nature 648
9 BlueBird 564
10 Monokai 533 #5 ⇓
11 Eclipse Theme Light 525

New Extensions

Name Version Description Download
Custom Region Code Folding 1.0.0 Brackets extension that provides the ability to define custom collapsible code regions in the editor
brackets-npm-registry 0.3.0 Ignore version error and see ‘More info…’ link for installation instructions.
Eclipse Theme Light 1.0.0 Brackets port of Eclipse light theme
Flat Zeedijk 0.1.0 Light theme for Adobe Brackets

Updated Extensions

Name Version Description Download
File Navigation Shortcuts 1.1.0 (1) Go to next/previous editor in list order, instead of MRU – Ctrl-]/[ (⌘⇧]/[ on Mac) and (2) Quick Open filtered to just your open “Working Files” – Ctrl-Shift-E (⌘⇧E on Mac).
Earth 0.2.5 The Earth Dark Theme for Brackets!
LightSoda 0.1.5 The LightSoda light theme for Brackets!
DarkSoda 0.1.6 The DarkSoda is a Theme for Brackets!
Jump to Matching Brace 1.1.0 Jump cursor from one brace/bracket/parenthesis to its matching counterpart by tapping Ctrl-Shift-[
Nature 0.2.0 The Nature a Dark Theme for Brackets!
Brackets File Format 1.2.2 Indent/Align for all file types. Format or Minify CSS / JSON / XML/ HTML / SQL file
Go Formatter (gofmt) for Brackets 1.0.9 One-Touch Go language file formatter. Reformats the contents of an open Go (golang) file using gofmt.