today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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Weekly Wallpaper Week 06/2017

My Wallpaper for the 6th week of 2017

Ingo Richter

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Wallpaper Week 06/2017

Happy Monday!

About the Image

Last Sunday I was spending some time walking around the football field at our middle school. The weather wasn’t that great. Grey and cloudy skies and lots of gusty winds. Then my little daughter showed up with some daisies she has picked from the field. It looked so fragile, how she was holding the tiny flowers in her little hands. Squeezed between her little fingers. Her purple jacket and the blue ball made were a great colorful subject that day.

The image was taken with a Sony Alpha A7II and the 28-70 mm Lens (44mm, f/4.5, 1⁄160, ISO 125).

I used Lightroom 6.8 to crop the image. I sharpened the image a little bit and reduced some luminance noise.

Daisy in little hands

Daisy in little hands.

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