today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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Weekly Wallpaper Week 05/2017

My Wallpaper for the 5th week of 2017

Ingo Richter

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Happy Monday!

About the Image

As you can see: I love Santa Cruz!. This photo was taken on 02/14/2016. I spent the long weekend with my family in Santa Cruz. We stayed close to that beautiful beach and spent the afternoon in the sun.

The image was taken with a Sony Alpha A7II and the 28-70 mm Lens (53mm, f/9, 1⁄250, ISO 100).

I used Lightroom to crop the image a little bit. I made some adjustements on the white balance and bumped the sharpness slightly up.

Waves hit the rock and make a big splash

Santa Cruz Beach

Thanks for reading!

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