today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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ReactJS San Francisco Meetup at Zendesk

Some notes from the recent SF ReactJS Meetup

Ingo Richter

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ReactJS San Francisco Meetup at Zendesk Thursday night I attended the SF ReactJS Meetup at Zendesk. First of all, there were some noticeable difference to some other meetups I went to in the past, No need to sign No need to sign an NDA before entering the premise No Pizza! The office space is gorgeous. Grass on the wall, stairs to sit on and a small atrium like opening from the basement to the first floor to bring some light to the lower level.

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After a long time, I’m finally moving my blog to this new github hosted location. Cleaner setup, easier to maintain and independent from any content management system. This will be home to all new posts in the future. There will be tweaks to the setup and layout in the next couple of days. It’s not perfect yet, but I wanted to get it going. The blog will be available under this domain.

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