today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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How to Learn New Things

The world is full of interesting things, such as art, architecture, technology, and science. My time is limited, and I have too many interests to be able to follow them all. Fortunately, my job gives me the opportunity to work with technology, and there is always something new out there that I want to try and see if it fits in the context of my work.

How does one effectively learn about so many new things? Is there a proven recipe for digesting large amounts of information and having it available when needed? How can I connect ideas when I find a relationship between topics?

I have numerous org-mode files on my computer, which I use in conjunction with Emacs and the denote tool to manage. This setup allows me to create connections and links between files as needed. It’s a great way to bookmark and collect information about topics as I learn about them. Finding information in these files is easy.

I also have a Remarkable tablet, which I use for taking handwritten notes. I use it for random thoughts, sketches, meeting notes, and general notes when working on projects. It’s a great paper replacement, but it doesn’t have any knowledge tracking capabilities.

The biggest challenge I face is focusing on what I want and need to learn. Reducing distractions and diving deeper into a topic is still difficult for me. I often get sidetracked while researching and end up feeling lost at the end of the day, wondering how I spent my time and what I accomplished. Even if I did achieve more than I think, it can still feel like a waste of time without tangible results.

To overcome this challenge, I need to narrow my focus and reduce distractions in order to learn about a topic in depth. This includes not only reading about the topic, but also trying things out and experimenting. I’m looking forward to trying out a more focused approach tomorrow, with my phone in focus mode, music without lyrics, and a clear vision for the day’s goals.

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