today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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It’s already May

Woah, we have already surpassed the four-month mark for this year. A lot of things have happened in the last four months.

  1. In January, I was reassigned to my new team. Now, I’m working on our products’ Share and Review functionality. I’m back to Web Development + plus a little bit of UXP (proprietary Tech) that enables us to target our Desktop Apps with the same JS/TS code base
  2. Spent 40 days in Germany from March through Easter in April. My son’s exchange partner from Ireland stayed with us for three weeks
  3. In February, I applied for US citizenship. Unfortunately, I had to cancel three biometrics submission appointments because I was in Germany and didn’t expect USCIS to ask so quickly to appear in person. Now, I haven’t heard anything from USCIS for a month. I assume that they put me at the end of the queue. Sigh…
  4. A friend passed away after some long struggle in March. Rest in Peace, Peter 🥲. I’ll never forget you
  5. After two years of waiting for my invitation to order the new Ford F-150 Lightning truck, it’s now my turn. I have time to decide until 5/8/2023 if I want to order it. After waiting a long time, I don’t think it’s an appropriate car for me. I like the idea of having an electric truck. It seemed the best way to justify such a big, unreasonable car. Given the state of competition in the EV market space and the crazy price hike for the F-150 since its introduction, I don’t think I feel excited about buying this truck. And then, there are rumors about technical issues with the F-150 that would delay the delivery by several months. No, thank you. Anyway, it was an exciting idea and something that kept me dreaming
  6. I started to exercise daily. Mobility and strength exercises to prevent problems with my body. I had a back issue last summer that lasted nearly six months. They only went away after some severe mobility and stretching exercise. I got a copy of Built to Move. The book talks about the importance of keeping the body moving.

That’s all for now. I hope the weather will improve in the coming weeks. It’s frigid and rainy for this time of year. One of the positives of the weather situation is that the wildfires are probably pushed out later this year 🤞🏼 I hope the best that the wildfire season doesn’t get so crazy.

Thanks for reading.

California Poppies on the sidewalk under blue sky
California Poppies on the sidewalk under blue sky

Mahalo 🌸

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