today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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Enable extensions for dayjs

I was working on a small project to sharpen my Javascript and Typescript skills. Nothing fancy.

The project deals with data calculations, and I was looking for a modern replacement of momentjs. I found dayjs, which seemed to be a suitable replacement.

As I mentioned, I had to find the number of days between the two dates. The documentation of dayjs mentioned a method to calculate the difference between two dates as duration. The duration could then be represented as days. That is exactly what I needed for my calculations.

I somehow missed that I had to import duration from 'dayjs/plugin/duration';. But that still didn’t work. duration was still undefined. I missed a crucial part in the documentation (perhaps I was too tired or impatient), but the most crucial part to add those additional methods to dayjs is to call dayjs.extend(duration);. This call to extend will make the methods and properties available on the dayjs object.

Lesson learnt: RTFM! Next time I will do better 🤞🏼

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