today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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WFH Day 896

I’m working on too many things at once. The most important one is to replace my Synology NAS with a new one that I built from scratch. My friend was always telling me how great and reliable his TrueNAS system is working for him. Now, I’m replacing my Synology NAS with a more powerful TrueNAS system with a more powerful CPU, RAM and Storage. It’s a steep learning curve to find my way configuring the new machine. It’s also a great way to clean up my existing data storage and rethink some of the services I have running on my old NAS. I believe that it’s the right thing to do with the new NAS. More commodity hardware and less vendor lock in. Never a boring day and always something new to learn.


I got better this year, reading more books.

Recently I finished Winter is Coming from Garry Kasparov. Interesting information about the relationship of Russia and the rest of the world. I learned a lot of things about the current political situation and how it developed in the past 50 years.

I started to read Someday is Today from Matthew Dicks. I’m at the beginning of the book and there are a lot of things that I already can relate to. It’s easy to read and Matthew is a great storyteller, and it’s a joy to read.


I finally spent some time in San Francisco on a Sunday night to walk around North Beach. I took pictures of the sunset, some alleys and the [Sentinel Building](

Here is my long exposure night shot of the building.

Sentinel Building in San Francisco
Sentinel Building in San Francisco

Notice the Rainbow Colored top of the Salesforce Tower.

Thanks for reading. Mahalo 🌸

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