today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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WFH Day 761

Thanks to my employer, I had an additional Day Off. To take care of myself and spend time away from my Computer.

I went out for a hike up Mission Peak in Fremont, California. I heard about it and wanted to do it for quite some time. It was a great adventure. It was challenging, and I was tired like hell afterward. I got a sunburn on my face. Not great.

I was crawling up the hill, and it was a strong reminder for me to exercise more.

It was beautiful out there. The sunshine, the Hanglider, and the Paraglider flew over my head. Many people were walking up to the top of the mountain. Cows and gobbling Turkeys left and right on the pasture.

Halfway up to the top, I was so tired that I was thinking about returning early. I sat on a bench and looked over the Bay Area. I was greeted by another struggling hiker crawling up the hill. He didn’t look happy at all. We started chatting and continued our ascend together.

We were slow, but we had somebody to talk to. We talked about many different things. We had a couple of stops along the way, but it was easier than doing it alone. He was carrying a 25-pound backpack with food, water, a tent, clothes, and other survival equipment. He told me about him volunteering for a Search and Rescue troop in the Central Valley. Kudos, my friend! That’s a considerable achievement to carry a heavy backpack up the mountain.

I was happy to arrive at the top and enjoy the fantastic view in every direction. Bay Area, San Francisco, Mount Diablo, Livermore, Dublin, Fremont and the Central Valley in the distance.

It took us an hour to descend to the parking lot. I was tired and happy. My knees and feet hurt, but this was only a side effect of this great hike. I made it to the top, and I had a great day.

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