today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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WFH Day 657

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great party to start the new year. Let’s all hope that we stay healthy and safe given the uncertainty of the still ongoing pandemic.

New year, new beginnings. Everything is possible, and I’m looking forward to some exciting times. I still have the company-provided sabbatical that I must take this year (it will expire otherwise). I’m looking forward to traveling to Yosemite in February, Nashville in April, Germany in June. I didn’t have concrete plans for the remaining six months of 2022 yet.

I need to stay positive amidst all the crap that happens around us. I want to reconnect with some people I neglected in the past two years. I hope that it will be possible to continue where we/I left off.

I hope for the best and that we will have something to talk about soon that is not centered on the pandemic and everything that dominated our lives.

A slight variation of a famous saying from a famous man: “Stay positive, stay happy.”

Mahalo 🌸

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