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today is tomorrow's past

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WFH Day 438

I get it. We are all waiting for the pandemic to be over. Everybody wants their normal pre-pandemic life back. But will this be possible? What exactly do we mean by saying that? What do we consider normal life? Meeting with friends in person? Meeting anybody in person? Being able to leave your face mask at home? Getting rid of all the restrictions is probably the most important thing for many of us (it’s only a guess).

I’m also thinking about all the rather annoying and time-consuming things that didn’t add anything positive to my previous everyday life. Like spending countless hours commuting to work, rushing from place to place, from appointment to appointment? My life was rather hectic and filled with a lot of things before everything started to slow down. There are a lot of things I learned to appreciate during this life-changing time. Going on a walk in the early morning, exercise in the late afternoon with enough energy to do it. Having daily breakfast with my son. Time to read more books and magazines, and watch too much TV :-) But seriously, it gave me a different perspective about some things in my life.

I’m grateful for having a job that doesn’t require me to be present in an office every day. I hope we can keep this model up for the future and allow more people to work from where they like to be. They feel productive and happy, and perhaps people want to be closer to nature, closer to their family and friends or don’t live in an expensive area to work for the dream company/dream job. Let’s see what will happen in the following weeks. We should have more flexibility in the workplace. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Notable articles I was reading about in the last week

And I finished “Atomic Habits” before my library loan expired. I’m going to work on that habit in the future to finish books before the loan expires ;-)

I don’t know what this thing is called, but it was stuck under my feed when I slid into my sneakers

Looks like baby tumbleweed
Looks like baby tumbleweed

Have a great long Memorial Day Weekend, everyone.

Mahalo 🌸

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