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today is tomorrow's past

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WFH Day 414

Unbelievable, but it’s already May of 2021! Time flies like crazy, and we are in month 15 of the pandemic. It looks like the US is speeding up things a lot, and people get vaccinated in large quantities. I got my vaccine three weeks ago. This upcoming Thursday, I’ll receive my 2nd shot, and then I should be fully vaccinated two weeks later. The situation is not so great in Germany. Everything goes so slowly, and they are technically still in lockdown. This lockdown started beginning of November 2020. I was there to visit my family. There were short interruptions of the lockdown for Christmas (what a stupid idea) and again for Easter (why?!?). Germany has this Jojo effect that they wanted to avoid at any cost, but they couldn’t agree on a stricter lockdown. And then they didn’t have enough vaccines to vaccinate the people on the top of the priority list. Everything moves so fu…ing slowly there. And now they are facing another crisis: should people who are fully vaccinated get back some or all of their rights? This discussion is so tiring, and it will only drag everything on for longer than necessary, IMHO. I’ve never heard anybody here in the US talk discuss this issue. Out of respect for people who couldn’t be vaccinated yet, because they are not eligible yet or because they don’t have enough vaccine, all other people that are fully vaccinated or tested negative should not go along with their life? This is the problem of keeping everything restricted and unpleasant until the critical mass has been vaccinated or would be able to get the vaccine. How long will this go on? Throughout the summer? Fall? What’s the perspective? What’s the reasoning behind delaying it further and further? Is it only about fairness in society? Agree on the lowest common denominator for what is allowed for the whole population? Is this the solution and perspective that everybody in Germany needs right now? I can’t disagree more. Anyway, I already said way too much about this ongoing issue. But I’ll travel to Germany beginning of June, and I’m afraid that there won’t be many things possible for my family and me. We’ll see. I can bring up my blood pressure when I arrive there ;-)

I finished reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” last week. I always wanted to read the book since my kids had to read it in school, and I didn’t always want to look like the person who doesn’t know what the book/story is all about :-) I started to read “Atomic Habits” after I finished “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I’m the kind of person who likes those self-improvements, get better books. I like that book better than so many goal settings/habit books. It’s way more actionable, and it explains the science behind why we humans react in a certain way and how we can form new habits and get rid of the habits we don’t enjoy (or the people around us :-) )

I came across this New York Times Article about the pandemic and the feeling of burnout that some people experience. Not that I know how I feel, but it explains it better to myself and makes the whole misery obvious.

I went back to more walking during the day (lunch break, evening walk) and I discovered this wonderful garden with all the flowers in it. I was using my Moment Macro Lens to take that shot on my iPhone.

Macro shot of red poppy in sunlight.
Macro shot of red poppy in sunlight.

Mahalo 🌸

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