today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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WFH Day 350

It’s already the last day of a perfect month. Perfect in that sense that the month started with a Monday and ended adequately on a Sunday. :-)

I mentioned in my post that I was about to create my sourdough starter. It was an experiment, and I failed it. I assume that I didn’t have the right place in my house with sufficient constant temperature (this house is so badly insulated :-|). It’s a wonder that I don’t have ice flowers on the windows on some mornings. Anyway, my experiment failed, and the dough didn’t rise as needed. I thought that I’d be able to make my bread with my starter by the end of February. I will give it another try, and this time I will place the starter in the Bathroom. That seems to be the warmest place in the house. Let’s see how this will work out. Failed experiments are part of the learning process.

In the meantime, enjoy a photo that I took last week walking around in the neighborhood.

Magnolia Blossom
Magnolia Blossom

Mahalo 🌸

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