today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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WFH Day 340

During my lunch break, I took a walk and visited my friends who own a coffee shop in our town. Yesterday, they told me that they would get their vaccination today. I was amazed to hear that since my healthcare provider is sending me weekly updates about the actual vaccination progress and that they vaccinate people over 75. It looks like I still have to wait a bit longer since they don’t have enough vaccines for this age group.

My friends told me that they arrived at the vaccination site, and nobody checked for their eligibility. Nothing. Nada. They had an appointment because they belong to the food worker group, and this group is getting their vaccine right now. My friend said I should sign up for an appointment and see what happens. It makes me feel bad to skip the line since I’m not part of a risk group. I should wait. Other people need it more right now: Teachers, Service Worker, and everybody who has contact with various people during the day.

After nearly working a year from home, there is some visible progress in fighting this pandemic. We will all get our shots once there is enough vaccine. Until then, we have to wait until it’s our turn.

I found something beautiful on my way back home.

Pink Flower I found along the way walking in the neighborhood
Pink Flower I found along the way walking in the neighborhood

Mahalo 🌸

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