today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

I help people create remarkable things. Focus on the customer and quality. Opinions are my own. Photography is my other passion.

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The Gatekeeper Before I forget what I learned today, I better write it down. Gatekeeper on macOS ensures that properly signed and authentic apps and other executable files, including dylibs and kexts, are executed on your Mac. But if you want to execute an open-source tool installed by brew or some other way on your machine, you will usually see something like this confirmation dialog. In this case, for an app FSNotes installed with brew.

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TL;DR Hugo’s file lookup magic was biting me and was causing the 3rd party template to use a file with the same name from my blog assets directory. How to waste lots of hours I use Hugo for my Blog with a custom theme hugo future imperfect slim. I made some customizations to my blog a while ago. I added baguetteBox.js for better image galleries and lazySizes to better support different image sizes in the gallery.

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SwiftUI - Learn by doing I briefly started to use SwiftUI in 2021. I wanted to learn about the fundamentals and how SwiftUI differs from the traditional iOS and macOS development frameworks. Over the next couple of weeks, I will provide tutorials to help others learn SwiftUI by building some apps. I’m going to start building a Minesweeper clone. Minesweeper is a simple game that I loved to play when it was released with Windows 3.

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