today is tomorrow's past

today is tomorrow's past

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Advent Of Code 2020

The December Coding Challenge is on

1-Minute Read

Now that we approach the last month of this extraordinary year, I’m looking forward to some coding challenges to distract myself and learn something new. And here it comes AdventOfCode. Sign in with any of the social accounts mentioned on their page and start solving the daily puzzles. The programming language doesn’t matter. You can produce the solution with whatever language/tool you like. And don’t forget to check AdventOfCode Subreddit for hints, help, and the solutions…

Learning Crystal With Genetic Algorithms

Learning Crystal lang by re-implementing book samples originally written in Java

1-Minute Read

I like to learn new tools, programming languages, and exciting topics. I recently found the book Genetic Algorithms in Java Basics , and I found the code samples easy enough to understand to “translate” them to a different programming language for the sole purpose of getting some hands-on experience with a new programming language. I’m done with the 2nd chapter of the book and implemented the genetic algorithm described in that chapter to crystal lang.

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